RARE SPEAR MONEY This large iron money spear was made in the Congo probably late 19th century, very large size, and very carefully and painstakingly enhanced with incised decoration to both sides. Ready for display, it comes with a display stand, and of course its a real talking point when wall mounted. Would make a unique/unusual gift. FREE MAINLAND UK DELIVERY

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Before the introduction in Africa, of paper money and coins, in the 19th century, trade-currency was produced in several metallic forms. One of the most popular was the 'Liganda Spear blades' used by the Lokele and Turumba ( Kisangani region, between the Lomami and Lualaba Rivers, in what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Besides being a measure of the families wealth, these long blades were sometimes (if the marriage was successful) re-made into those objects that the daughter could use such as a rake, hoe or cooking utensil. In the event that the marriage was a flop, the groom could give back the spears along with the woman.