100-800 BC. A Late Bronze Age spearhead with conical socket developing into the median rib of the lanceolate blade, spear point and part of the socket lost in antiquity. 137 grams, 6.5 cm (6 1/2"") CONDITION: Fine antique condition. With clear display stand. FREE UK DELIVERY We ship to the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand. PLEASE CALL FOR A SHIPPING PRICE BEFORE PURCHASING. Comes with information sheet. Comes with our usual 10 day refund guarantee.

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Bronze Age spearheads came in a variety of shapes and lengths, some nearly as small as an arrowhead and others more than a foot long. The oldest bronze spearheads were attached to the shaft with an elongated, tail-like “tang,” but few wooden shafts survive. As metalworkers improved their casting techniques, they produced longer, sharper spearheads with conical sockets into which the wooden shaft was inserted and fixed into place.