Very unusual, eye catching and unique, Celtic era spiral earrings, silver (not tested). Exquisitely made, very attractive, and in excellent condition. Drop is 30mm, the length of the spiral is 15mm. These probably began life as drops from a Celtic headband, a modern head band is shown. Free UK postage. plus our "Peace of Mind" full refund guarantee.

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The spiral pattern is one of the most common in nature, from snail shells to whirlpools to entire galaxies. 

It is also one of the oldest patterns created by humans, with evidence of rock carvings throughout the world, some dating back tens of thousands of years. So it is not surprising that it features prolifically in Celtic culture.

In fact, the spiral is the oldest symbol in Celtic culture. In Celtic belief it is thought to represent the sun or the radiation of ethereal energy.

The symbol of the spiral in various forms can be found on carvings throughout Europe where the Celts travelled. This has led to a belief that the symbol could also represent migration, perpetual movement.

The Celts were travelling tribes and this theory matches up with other migratory tribes who used the same symbols thousands of miles away. There is also a link to water.