MATERIAL: Bronze AGE: Circa 11th - 14th century SIZE: 20mm internal diameter DESCRIPTION: Fine medieval ring, polugonal raised bezel, inset glass gem, line decoration to both bezel and hoop, vertical and diagonaal lines. Deep bronze patina. CONDITION: Excellent ancient condition, wearable with care, minor historic age/wear use. Professionally cleaned and conserved. FREE UK DELIVERY Come with a gift bag, and information sheet. All items come with our 10 day refund guarantee.

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Discovered in their ancient resting places, Celtic bronze ring money dates from 800 to 50 BC, when these sturdy bronze rings were traded as currency among the Celtic tribes of Northern Europe, and later, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Each one of these precious ancient artifacts is hand-conserved and stabilized by ourselves. Some Celtic Ring Money has a rich, green patina due to its centuries under ground, while other rings display the glowing bronze patina that they had while they were in use millennia ago.