An impressive Roman bronze chariot mount (Ref: 5040), perfect for any ancient art collection DESCRIPTION: 1st-3rd century AD. A hollow-cast bronze mount in the form of Medusa's head. The head shows wings, indicative of an early era casting, with a serpents head protruding. 85mm high x 55mm wide x 35mm deep. very heavy 175 grams. CONDITION: Excellent antique condition, desirable even green patina, very sound and ready to display. All items come with an information sheet. FREE UK DELIVERY We ship to the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand. PLEASE CALL FOR A SHIPPING PRICE BEFORE PURCHASING. Return within ten days for a 100% refund. UK buyers only

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Medusa, the only mortal among the three terrifying winged Gorgon sisters, could turn humans into stone. In early Greece, she was usually depicted with wings on her head, her face surrounded by snakes, with long fangs, and her tongue sticking out, all of which suggests her monstrous character. In later times, her features softened, and she was portrayed as a calm, beautiful woman. Medusa heads, intended to avert evil, were used as decorative elements on a large variety of items, such as vessels, statues, chariots, armour, and sarcophagi.

These items from the distant past do tend to send the mind spinning. Who made/owned them, how did they survive? The questions go on, and cannot be answered. It's the intrigue that's the interest.