MATERIAL: Bronze AGE: Circa 100 - 400 AD SIZE: 4.5 cm high DESCRIPTION: A finely modelled Ancient Roman cast bronze statuette in the shape of an eagle, with wings folded. The animal is portrayed standing tall, with Its clawed feet shaped into an ovoid disc. The plumage been rendered through a series of incised lines. CONDITION: Fine antique condition. With clear display base FREE UK DELIVERY Comes with information sheet. Comes with our usual 10 day refund guarantee.

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Following a crushing defeat in 105 BC at the Battle of Arausio during the Cimbrian War, the Romans completed a self-assessment. The consul Gaius Marius led a reorganization of the military structure. Marius' reforms transformed the Roman legions from a loose militia into a professional fighting force.

As part of the restructure, he declared the eagle as the military's standard. Putting the emphasis on the eagle was meant to place its central qualities, bravery and power, at the forefront of the army's identity.