Viking Era Knife. Ref: 40759. Ancient artifact to add to your collection. DESCRIPTION: Circa 9th - 11th century AD. A fine hand made Viking, Norse Sheath (pouch) Knife. Still retaining the 'Turned Over' hilt fixing terminal. 6 1/2" long. CONDITION: Excellent antique condition, very sound and ready to display. Cleaned, and preserved with museum approved conservation wax. All items come with an information sheet. FREE UK DELIVERY We ship to the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand. PLEASE CALL FOR A SHIPPING PRICE BEFORE PURCHASING. Return within ten days for a 100% refund. UK buyers only

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These items from the distant past do tend to send the mind spinning. Who made/owned them, how did they survive? The questions go on, and cannot be answered. It's the intrigue that's the interest.